Welcome to NKY Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi


We teach an extensive catalog of Chinese martial skills. Our fighting and self-defense capabilities encompass the use of traditional chin na, striking and weapons applications. A broad variation of internal and external styles, such as tiger, crane, mantis, Hsing I, Tai Chi Chaun and Pa Kua, are taught at this school. Our strengths lie in the vast inventory of varied combat and self-defense techniques which provide a mixed curriculum of traditional training and real world defense.


The bonus is that one can learn the hard with the soft styles without having to belong to several different schools each teaching a specific martial style.

Feel free to come by and watch any of our classes. We also at this time offer month by month payments without contracts, unlike the majority of other martial art businesses.


Come see the difference for yourself!




"When the mind is not confined anywhere

the mind is everywhere.."

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